Friday, October 27, 2006

timrobot gives away 4 sneakerplay invites

Sneakerplay all day

Sneakerplay is an innovative social network designed specifically for the global sneaker culture -- a place where sneaker enthusiasts can connect with friends, meet like minded individuals and express their unique styles. Members can create a simple profile where they can share their personalized content, showcase their latest gear and pickups in their gallery, and the competitive types can enter into battles. The battle is a universal feature within our culture. Everyone loves a battle, whether it is in the domain of sports, music or fashion. Sneakerplay’s unique battle system allows you to view, comment and rate ongoing battles.

Sneakerplay is committed to becoming the premiere interactive community for our generation of young, educated, style conscious individuals who are always connected.

if you want an invite all you have to do is:
send an email to:
and tell the timrobot why you
want one of the 4 sneakerplay invites!

good luck ;)

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