Friday, October 27, 2006

finished artwork for LABEL ME!

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i had the opportunity to design the cover, DVDs, menu, titles...... for the LABEL ME!
DVD. (art-direction chris koll) Label me is in the shops now, you should get a copy ASAP!

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Company: moustache films 1977

Editors: Chris Koll, Moritz and Fabian Drung

- Intro
- Heaven or Hell
- Thomas Thellmann Profile
- Modtage
- Starlight Express
- Nighshift
- Discoblading
- Sleaze with the dogs
- Michi Hieber Profile
- Credits

+ 10 Bonus sections and an 8 page BOOKLET.

"LabelMe! is the new DVD by Chris Koll, Fabian and Moritz Drung, the guys who did the Matthias Ogger profile on Clip2 and 2 montages on Clip3.

LabelMe! does include some extravagant sections, such as a Starlight Express Section, for which Chris Koll filmed with the english pros Joey Egan and Adam Nazarko, plus a night-only section and a short dancing movie. Profiles are on Michael Hieber and Thomas Thellmann. Additionally to the regular Movie (25 mins), there are 10 Bonus-Sections on the DVD, 3 of those are profiles on Dave Benski, Anatol Anton and Max Visser- that’s more than an hour of finest entertainment.

So, if you liked our sections on Clip or if you simply want to know what it’s like to skate on a musical stage, you can’t go wrong with this DVD.

The DVD comes with an 8 page BOOKLET, giving you some extra infos, pics and artwork.
We put a lot of time, energy, blood and love into this DVD and we hope you guys support quality.

Dig it!"

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